The Midnight Gardeners League

What is the Midnight Gardener’s League? A comedy group? An all-knowing secret society? A performance art piece meets house party?

The Gardeners are Washington, DC’s premier (and only) comedy secret society, meeting under a forfend moon at comedy venues and festivals up and down the East Coast. You can watch one of our videos or check out our audio content if you’re looking for something weird and funny, and now you can join us every week on Twitch as we watch content by us, other people, and just generally shoot the shit




UH OH! We’re all trapped inside for the foreseeable future so there aren’t going to be any live shows – but never fear: we’re compiling some of our favorite sketches and bits around different themes. Check them out and we’ll see you when it’s safe!

MGLTV Ep. 1: The News

MGLTV Ep. 2: Science!

MGLTV Ep. 3: Bu$ine$$

MGLTV Ep. 4: Spring Break Winter Wonderland Partypalooza Pt. I

MGLTV Ep. 5: Spring Break Pt. II – BRUVMATE Countdown

MGLTV Ep. 6: Spring Break Pt. III – The Story of IBS


call me beep me if you wanna reach me – alexander graham bell

to book us or to send us tips on where to find hidden pirate gold email:

midnightgardenerscomedy at gmail dot com 


The Gardeners don’t just do dumb bitz in person, they film them! Feast your eyes on some sweet, natural content made with 110% fruit juice:
SONIC THE EDGEHOG: more like Nintendo 69 amirite??

KEVIN INVESTIGATES: cell phones, what’s the deal with them?

EUGENE THE CHURCH BOY #1: Christian comic adventures for the pure of heart!

THE CROOKED LAKE KILLER: some DC pals joined us to tell the tale of this murderous…murderer

BILLY FLOWMAN: a look into the life of America’s last water salesman

WOOF: man invents helmet, helmet creates problems